Photographing <3 on a sunny Oregon coast kind of day! (at Cannon Beach, Oregon)

Little Things #45: (Un)broken lens!

Little Things #44: (Un)broken lens!

Broken lens filter

Broken lens filterI hope my dad doesn’t see this…but I have been forever borrowing his Minolta SLR camera from the 80′s (which he knows about). However, what he doesn’t know is that his beautiful camera made a hard landing on the concrete floor of a museum, cracking this lens. I blame it on the tiny, thin camera strap. It slowly inched its way off my shoulder. Seriously. People were horrified when they saw the…

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Happy National Pet Day! Nothing compares to this sleepy faced pup…

You know when something is so adorable, you can’t stop staring? That’s this guy. All the time.

Hand painted Moroccan wall

My hand painted Moroccan wall

Painting a stenciled wall

img900Painting a patterned wallimg898img902img901I have lots if ideas. But, of course, time is always a factor in making all of these ideas happen. So a few months after moving into my home, I finally started painting some walls. My bedroom is now an earthy clay color, with 2 Moroccan patterned accent walls. And yes, they were hand painted with a stencil.

Needless to say, this is a pretty long process. And I still have quite a bit to…

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Today, do something good to honor those we lost.

Today is a bittersweet day. One of the volunteers I work with just passed away suddenly, and I am still taking time to process and digest this.

SOMEONE snuck into bed in the middle of the night. And then took over the entire bed. I just don’t have the heart to move him…

April Challenge: 30 days of my favorite things!

What are 30 things that you love? Do one every day in the month of #April and join me in my challenge!

30 Days ChallengeJust in case you missed it, I am doing a new daily challenge every month so that every day, I am focused, trying new things, taking risks, or enjoying things that make me happy. The plus side? I get to choose the challenge! It can’t be too hard then, right? RIGHT? Last month was 31 days of healing. I had been through a lot in February, so I wanted to use March to recuperate and heal. Because most…

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My house is now complete! Ha, just kidding. But this wiener dog lamp sure does help.

Someone approves of the new rug 😄

All Tuesday nights should be like this.

Sunday morning cuddles are the cure for everything.

I am declaring March as the month of healing (for me, at least). Kicking it off by organizing my personal space. What do you do to heal?

31 Days of Healing

31 Days of Healing. Want to join me in my challenge of doing something #healing every day in #March?

HealingSo February hasn’t been so kind to me. Nearly every “worst case scenario” and “things can’t get much worse” situation happened. But, to my amazement, I am still smiling. And I smiled my way through all of February.

I have a way of not feeling stressed, even though I probably am. I try to not let things get to me, and I try to stay as strong as possible. I really needed to be strong this month,…

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"Maybe home is nothing but two arms holding you tight when you’re at your worst."

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