Some of my favorite breaks are gardening breaks. Oh the joys of working from home (sometimes).

The dining room is now buttery sunshine yellow! Oh, I installed those shelves in the background AND am working on sparkly personal enhancements of the chandelier we just installed. All in one weekend. Yeah, I’ve been in my home for a year now. And still putting it together. So what?

Good night and goodbye, weekend. See you around next time! #dogsofinstagram

Goodbye, sage green dining room!

Happy Friday, everyone!

When you have a gazillion tomatoes going strong in your garden, you eat tomatoes for every meal. I’m not complaining.

Painting night with the ladies! We all need an excuse to be creative more often. (at The Loaded Brush)

Perspective is fun! 😻 Also, I just had a meeting with someone who works here that I genuinely look up to. I think it’s safe to say that it’s been a good day.

While everyone is celebrating milestones with their kids, I am celebrating a milestone eith my dog. Here’s his first time in water!!! Eee! Yes, I am that person. #stopmotion #dogsofinstagram (at Sandy River Delta)

I saved this guy from my dog’s curious mouth. I used to go “frog catching” (catch and release) in Korea. It’s one of my favorite memories I have of spending time with my mom. (at Sandy River Delta Park)

These past couple of weeks have been…hectic. But coming home to flowers after an out-of-town work trip helps! Thanks, @melting_water !

My favorite thing about Ontario (Oregon) so far? These amazing old-timey cabs!

I made this. #notreally #latergram #oregoncoast

A ruffled pimento pepper for dinner. My biggest garden-grown pepper to date!

Purple jellyfish! #latergram #oregoncoast

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